Where the Wildflowers Are

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and learn about native plants. Take a peek at BCP’s photographer Bailey’s visit.
— JT


Flowers fill my flickr account. Georgia O’Keefe is one of my favorite painters. Botany was among my college electives. So, it’s  no surprise that blossoming beauties bewitch me:  sensual, fragrant, colorful.

I shot these lovelies during a meander in the meadow at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. Guided by Dave, the volunteer  naturalist,  who schooled me on the many varieties including ornamental grasses. “Sedges have edges, thrushes are round and grasses are hollow right up from the ground.”  The catchy poem stays with you.

As does the sight of the afternoon light on these hardy blooms. Dave  also told the group that hummingbirds love the color red. Something I must share with my mother, but I have a feeling she probably already knows.


Thanks to Dave, and his guided hour-long tour, I now know most of these native plant names. Except for these pictured above. Any guesses anybody?

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